On Danyboard M0 is mounted a wifi module ESP-WROOM-02 with FCC and CE certification. It is a low-power 32-bit MCU Wi-Fi module based on ESP8266 chip.

The wifi module interacts with the microcontroller via a UART (hardware serial ports).

You can control the wifi module via the classics AT commands, typically used with ESP8266, or by using a library.


On this page I will show you how to use the WiFi module through WiFiEsp library.


1) You need download the WiFiEsp library.
2) Open the Arduino IDE and go to Sketch > Includes Library > Add .ZIP Library…
3) Select the Archive of the library you just downloaded (WiFiEsp-danyboard-master.zip).
Now the library is installed properly and you can use the first Examples in File > Examples > WifiEsp…