When you receive the Danyboard M0, you have to activate the product and enable your mobile phone to talk with the board.

You must first upload the following sketche on board.

When the module is powered-up for the first time, the µPanel firmware will run and create a WiFi access point whose name is miuPanel. This access point represents the primary method for setting-up your module. In order to proceed with the following instructions you will have to install and launch the µPanel App on your mobile device.

The screen reported in the following picture should appear, indicating that you are ready to add your new module!

First of all, enable the WiFi of your mobile device and select the miuPanel from the list. Since the WiFi connection is protected, you will be asked for the password. The initial module’s password is uPanel11 (please note that the P is upper case). When connected, press on the Add New Module button. You will see the following message confirming that the App is actually trying to connect to your module

After a while your module should appear in your device’s screen as shown by the following picture. The header of the new product box shows the serial number that identifies your product. If you wish, you can assign a user friendly name to your module simply by clicking on its serial number and entering the name you like.

You are just a step away from your Panel! To activate your module, make sure your mobile device is actually connected to the Internet (disconnect your device from the miuPanel WiFi and connect to another WiFi or mobile data network which give an internet access)  and click on your product box. The following message will appear:

In a while you should see your product with the message click to connect, as shown in the following picture, indicating that your product has been correctly registered and activated. In the bottom part of your product box the App also shows both the module local and public IP. You can find more information about these IP in the Router and Module configuration sections. Now press on your product box to connect to your module! Remember that since you have not yet enabled the WiFi module to connect to any router, before press on “click to connect” you have to re-connect your mobile device directly to the miuPanel WiFi.

NOTE: if the app shows the message “your product can not be regitered!” this simply means that your miupanel vendor has not yet activated the module registration after the sales, so the registration fail. Usually the vendor activates the registration of your wi-fi module whithin 24 hours the sale. In this case, you can contact your vendor to request the activation.

You should obtain the screen reported in the following picture that shows the module has replied indicating that there is not yet a panel to show you. Congratulations! You are now ready to start with your µPanel!

Please note that the first LED (on the left) in the tool bar will stay steady ON, indicating that your mobile device is connected and communicating with the module. The second LED (on the right), instead will flash only when data and commands are successfully transmitted from your mobile device to your wi-fi module.

Please go to the next section to know how to configure your module.